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Cereal Box: How Healthy Are Box Cereals?

Convenient and filling, cereal is a staple of the diet. But if you’re not careful about the cereals you choose, the sugary calories can add up quickly. This is because most cereal boxes on the market are much closer to candy than being a nutritious way to give you the energy to start your day.

Therefore, you should choose your cereal wisely to eat nutritious enough to eat at any time of the day. Additionally, cereals can be a good source of protein, fiber, and because many of the cereals are fortified, they are also a decent source of vitamins and minerals.

So if you are looking for a healthy cereal box, you should look for one rich in fiber and protein without a lot of added sugars or preservatives. And don’t be afraid of fats if they come from healthy sources like nuts and seeds.

How to determine how healthy a cereal box is?

In general, to choose a healthy cereal box, you should review its components. With the nutritional data, you can determine how healthy the cereal is. In these cases, the first thing is to check the fiber content; the ideal is at least 4 grams of fiber in one serving.

Then keep in mind that the less sugar in the cereal, the better. So, go for less than 8 grams to keep sugar to a minimum. Lastly, look for cereals with ingredients that are whole.

Homemade cereal a highly recommended alternative

You do not necessarily have to always buy box cereal; it is also possible that you prepare homemade cereal on your own, this being an alternative that is quite healthy. You can do it quickly, and in a very simple way, you will not need a lot of time, and the ingredients are easy to get.

The best thing about preparing homemade cereal is to create various combinations since multiple ingredients can be used for the preparation. Besides, you will achieve a highly nutritious and satisfying food.

You can make delicious homemade cereals with ingredients like oatmeal, flaxseed, chia, granola, and many other bowls of cereal types. Besides, you can add supplements such as honey, nuts, fruits. So you can always try a different combination and not fall into monotony.